Unleashing Global Community: 5 Lessons Learned From The Project

Reposted from my LinkedIn article with the same title: A few weeks ago, launched as a community effort to help developers donate their spare compute cycles to researchers studying the COVID-19 virus. relies on the Rosetta@Home distributed research platform produced by the University of Washington Baker Lab. Since launch, more than 3,000+ people have installed the project on their spare single-board computers and laptops in nearly every country in the world. For me, this project captures the essence…

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Fighting COVID-19 with IoT Devices featuring Neocortix CEO Dr. Lloyd Watts

Sign up: Special Guest: Dr. Lloyd Watts, CEO of Neocortix Webinar Details: Please join us this coming Wednesday at 10am PST for a special guest presentation by Dr. Lloyd Watts, CEO of on the topic of Fighting COVID-19 using IoT devices running Fold@Home and Rosetta@Home. We are also inviting guests from and the UW Baker Lab to speak with us and share their expertise in this area. This event is organized in…

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Community Open Source

The Future of WebAssembly in Embedded & IoT

Had a great discussion on the topic of the future of WebAssembly for Embedded and IoT Devices featuring leading experts from IoT and TinyML. We covered topics relating to opportunities and challenges for WebAssembly for low-power IoT devices as well as the potential for WebAssembly as a “universal target” in MCUs. Thanks to everyone for participating. View Jonathan Beri’s talk on WebAssembly for Embedded here:…. Moderator and Organizer: * Rex St. John (twitter: @rexstjohn)…

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CTO Insight: Funnel Web Spiders and DNA Sequencing with Martin Smith

The world of rapid DNA sequencing has come a long way. I talk to Martin Smith about his work with Nanopore, building clusters of computers to process DNA data and venomous creatures from Australia. You can follow Martin Smith on Twitter: for updates like this:  Not sure yet. We (@Hasindu2008) previously crashed our other NAS feeding this swarm. It had similar specs, but 12x HDD in RAID 1+0. Waiting on some SFP+ cables before…

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Ecosystem 101 Book

Ecosystem 101 Book: An Introduction to Ecosystem Marketing

Disclaimer: All opinions written in this book are my own opinions and not those of my employer.  I have written this book to help you, the platform company founder or ecosystem management professional, to better understand the wonderful art of ecosystem development and to share my experience and insight on this topic with a broader audience of professionals. After spending a decade leading hardware and software ecosystem teams at both Intel and then Arm, I…

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