CTO Insight: Funnel Web Spiders and DNA Sequencing with Martin Smith

The world of rapid DNA sequencing has come a long way. I talk to Martin Smith about his work with Nanopore, building clusters of computers to process DNA data and venomous creatures from Australia. You can follow Martin Smith on Twitter: twitter.com/martinalexsmith for updates like this:  Not sure yet. We (@Hasindu2008) previously crashed our other NAS feeding this swarm. It had similar specs, but 12x HDD in RAID 1+0. Waiting on some SFP+ cables before…

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The Arm AIOT Summit Recap

Just got back from the Arm AIOT Summit, the 500-developer AI and IoT conference my team has been helping to plan for the last 6+ months. Overall a great event, a lot of hands-on workshops, key developers and technical leaders and a quite amazing turn-out.  The reason we put this event together is that we felt strongly that the number of developer solutions enabling low-power AI on Arm (especially microcontrollers) has been rising dramatically. Google’s…

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About Me

About Rex St. John

Rex St. John spent the last decade building global software and hardware ecosystems across a wide range of domains at Mashery, Intel and Arm. While part of Intel’s New Technology Group, he built a global network of 200+ hardware and software partners to support the launch of the Intel Edison, Intel Joule, Intel Curie, Arduino 101 and Intel Movidius product lines. While at Arm, he organizes global partner and developer ecosystem. He lives in Bellevue,…

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