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About Rex St. John

 Disclaimer: All opinions written on this website are my own opinions and not those of my employer. 

Rex St. John spent the last decade building global software and hardware ecosystems across a wide range of domains. While part of Intel’s New Technology Group, he built a global network of 200+ hardware and software partners to support the launch of the Intel Edison, Intel Joule, Intel Curie, Arduino 101 and Intel Movidius product lines. While at Arm, he started and runs the Arm Innovator Program (a network of Arm’s leading hardware and software developers) and the Arm Leading Edge Program.

Read about my Intel Inventor Platform Journey.

Rex lives in Bellevue, WA with his wife, two kids (Kai and Eden) and two cats. 

Download my Book: Ecosystem 101 – Techniques, Theories and Strategies for Growth

I wanted to help more people access the power of ecosystem marketing so I wrote this book to summarize some of my tactics and strategies (free PDF download from Google Drive): Ecosystem 101. I hope you enjoy it!

Disclaimer: All opinions written in this book are my own opinions and not those of my employer.