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Building a mobile hardware hackathon command station

Software and API evangelism are fun and valuable for most platform companies to engage in. For hardware platforms, technical evangelism takes on an entirely new dimension: Developers can’t just take a single-board computer, module or other IoT gadget and turn it into something useful and fun over the course of a workshop or hackathon: They need bits and pieces, wires, components and batteries!

While acting as ecosystem manager and technical evangelist for the Intel Joule, Intel Edison, Arduino 101, Intel Curie and Intel Movidius products – I saw first-hand the importance of bringing all the “things” that developers need in order to be successful at my workshops and hackathon events. As a result, I devised a solution which I called “The Hacklebox.” 

The Hacklebox was based on a cheap rolling tool chest I purchased on (Keter Master Pro). I was able to roll this onto airplanes and bring it to hackathons and provide developers with everything they needed in order to be successful. If you plan on organizing workshops and hackathons for your hardware platform, you might want to consider doing the same! 

Building a mobile hardware hackathon command station

bring what you need for developers to succeed
Hardware hacks require more than just some software and APIS, they need wires, sensors and other components.

If you are interested in building your own Hacklebox, here is a list of components I used for mine