Best Practices

Extroverted versus Introverted Content

I recently wrote about my experience previously writing a lot of technical content. I wanted to come up with a concept which captures my current thinking about how content is best created: Extroverted versus Introverted Content. 

When I focused all of my energy on producing “how to” type content, it was “introverted” content in my mind. Content that I wrote for myself (and the search engines) which was low cost, fast and easy to produce. This content took me very little effort, it was more of a habit: When I found an unsolved technical problem in a project I was writing, I wrote down the solution and made it public. 

Getting into the habit of doing this allowed me to mass produce content without putting that much effort into it: It was just part of my flow. I justified it as a coding practice because I would very frequently refer to my own personal website on future projects. But there is one problem with “Introverted Content” – It doesn’t market itself.

Enter: Extroverted Content. Extroverted Content builds bridges between your website and other people’s websites / social media and other channels. A great example of extroverted content is anything that is an interview or podcast. By definition, if you invite someone to participate in your show or you participate in someone else’s show – They are likely to share it to their own audience. Suddenly: Their friends and followers become your friends and followers.

Another example of extroverted content was a blog post written a few years ago around how to connect the Raspberry Pi to Amazon Alexa. It was not a very complicated project but it allowed a bridge to be built between the massive community of Alexa developers and the even more massive community of Raspberry Pi developers. The news picked it up, social media picked it – this piece of content went all over the place. Why? Because it built a bridge to allow millions of developers to travel from one place to another place they wanted to go.

That is good content for marketing purposes, unlike this blog post. As of the writing of this post – only people wandering by on Google or clicking a link someplace will end up here. The chances that these people will be a targeted enough audience to read this far into this blog are very, very small. I could fix it by dropping a mention to someone with a lot of followers and how skillful / smart etc they are and then sending them the article and asking them to share it, but I am not going to do that (today, anyways). 

People hate on podcasts, but they are super great as extroverted content.