Let’s Keep This Simple.

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the last decade on dozens of different projects. Based on my experience, I have come to realize that simple is better. Here is the deal: I am going to charge you less than I am worth. You are going to get 20x – 50x ROI for what you pay. Sometimes, you will get a lot more than that. I will tell you why.

Why I Undercharge.

The reason I undercharge is that there are thousands of ways we can work together and dozens of pricing strategies for consulting. If I have to come up with a custom “Deal” per client based on your particular needs, it takes time, creativity, imagination and energy. This is bad for both of us because we have to go back and forth over long documents scrutinizing every line item. This is a huge waste of both of our time. Instead of doing that, I will just charge you less than I am worth and we will both be better off, save time and get more done. If you aren’t happy, cancel it at any time. No refunds, because I am undercharging you anyways. 

What $5K / Month Gets You

For $5K a month, I will give you (within reason), unlimited access to me via email and a weekly or bi-weekly call. That translates to only $60,000 a year. This is a ridiculous offer. For $5K a month, you will gain access to my knowledge, network, insights, strategy and experience. I haven’t worked for anyone in a long time, but the last time I had a job I made $850,000 / year. You are getting access to the same skillset for a fraction of the price.


The $5K a month is going to get you a pretty good deal. If you want to go further, we can talk about $10K+ / month. Or pricing for specific projects. However: Anything involving custom design, conception, document production or project management is going to get more expensive. My preferred method is to begin with a $5K monthly retainer and if things progress, we add to it over time. 

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