My Work Open Source

Some objectives

Some objectives, no particular order: Become a leading expert in Cloud-Native and Edge-Native Technologies and Ecosystems Learn how to build and design micro-datacenters, MECs, Clusters Produce reference designs for all of the above Create a reference design for a decentralized internet based on cryptocurrency sharing, similar to Helium, to wire up regions of Africa not connected to the internet Become a leading expert in Edge Co-Location networks, hardware design Fix cluster experience, not quite sure…

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My Work Off Topic Open Source

Bets and Pay-Offs

Bet #1: The Convergence of Cloud-Native, Open-Source, Edge Computing, Edge-Native, Edge AI Will Be Explosive I am making a significant career investment in the idea that there will be a convergence of multiple markets in the area of Cloud-Native software migrating to the edge. In particular, edge co-locations and Open-Source software. I am focusing all of my available time and energy on gaining advanced expertise in this area, as measured by the production of high…

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