My Work Off Topic Open Source

Bets and Pay-Offs

Bet #1: The Convergence of Cloud-Native, Open-Source, Edge Computing, Edge-Native, Edge AI Will Be Explosive

I am making a significant career investment in the idea that there will be a convergence of multiple markets in the area of Cloud-Native software migrating to the edge. In particular, edge co-locations and Open-Source software. I am focusing all of my available time and energy on gaining advanced expertise in this area, as measured by the production of high volumes of “credibility materials” and evangelizing these materials across my available platforms.

I am “betting” on this areas by…

  • Performing extensive research on edge computing, hardware, open source ecosystems
  • Learning extensively about Cloud-Native, Edge-Native, Cloud Services and Serverless
  • Speaking with advanced engineers, practitioners, CTOs and maintainers in these areas
  • Finding and contributing to key open-source projects which cross all these areas
  • Producing tons of content, sample materials, credibility materials in these areas as I learn
  • Sharing my journey as I learn, evangelizing these technologies and best practices
  • Establishing myself as a leading expert in the overall ecosystems of these technologies

Expected Pay-Off: I am not sure, probably continued employment, perhaps more advanced roles, books, speaking gigs, I might locate some interesting people and build cool projects with them that ultimately become successful.

Bet #2: Alt-Coins, Especially KLV, TRX and Doge (possibly Developer Coins) Will Be The Next Growth Phase of Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin may double or triple to $100K+. Ether will quadruple, probably to $10K or more. But KLV will go to $1+, TRX *may* go to $1+ and Doge will probably go to $1+. I have placed a series of moonshot bets on these cryptocurrencies. I am significantly enthusiastic about KLV because they demonstrate everything I want to see:

  • High rate of innovation
  • Clear product roadmap
  • Growing community
  • Continuous improvement
  • Ability to execute to plan
  • Central management
  • An ecosystem focus
  • A developer focus
  • Deflationary burns

Any cryptocurrency which has these traits has my attention. Based on my monitoring of KLV, I am building a position there. I believe there are strong benefits to centrally managed versus dispersed cryptocurrencies, such as the ability to stabilize asset prices, which are present in KLV. 

If Elon Musk does what I hope he will do with Doge, it will have all of the above characteristics plus a strong brand and other areas. I have taken positions in all of the above.

Expected Payoff: I am looking for at least a 100x return on my invested capitol in these assets. 

Bet #3: Edge Co-Location Will Be An Extremely Large Industry

I am placing a significant personal investment of my time in learning about the edge co-location space from top to bottom, using many of the above methods and strategies.

Expected Payoff: Become a leading expert in Edge Co-Location developer marketing

Bet #4: Writing Is The Ultimate Skill / Always Be Sharing / Journey Based Marketing

I am making a significant personal time effort into sharing my thoughts, thinking, predictions and learning publicly across many platforms with the expected pay off of generating significantly more inbound leads and high-value relationships.

Expected Payoff: Large numbers of high-value leads and establishment of credibility as a leading expert in many of the above areas.