You get what you plan for. Chances are, if you have a clear forward looking plan, you can reverse backwards from it to the present and better choose which actions to engage in and which choices to make. This is not a terribly interesting post for anyone other than me, but it is helpful and useful to outline the full thinking. 

Here is an outline of what I think the future is going to look like:

  • Democracy and Citizenship will be dramatically redefined by Web3 technologies and decentralization
  • IoT, Data Centers and Edge Computing will evolve into centers of computational sustainability
  • Carbon Offsets and new forms of tokenized public goods, along with energy, will become the common currency amongst these
  • Many new approaches to Universal Basic Income will be innovated, as well as new ways to vote, organize and own things
  • Large, complex bureaucratic systems will be unbundled into smaller, owner-run systems using new methods, algorithms
  • Ownership will become the backbone of these new civic goods, and will incentivize participants to do a better job managing such systems
  • Cities, States and ultimately Countries will be unbundled by these forces, along with citizenship
  • Laws, contracts, constitutions, bills of rights will be completely rewritten, law will become a series of protocols along with mediation organized by distributed networks of lawyers or citizen volunteers scored for objectivity via algorithm
  • Web3 based methods will cause the rise of a “Machine Economy” where all computer resources are tokenized and traded on an open compute marketplace (energy, carbon, connectivity, AI, GPU, storage, GPU)
  • Federated Learning and AI will be a key element of the above as well as energy, carbon offset tokens and many, as of yet not invented variants

My plan is as follows:

  • Organize communities, events, activations and ecosystems which catalyze the above trends
  • I hope to lead these changes well in advance, and organize the ecosystems that need to form in advance
  • Detect these trends in advance and take positive action to accelerate them

My roadmap for the next three years:

  • 2022:
    • Emerging trends in climate technology, digital democracy (for lack of a better term), energy and sustainability related to Web3 are only beginning to take off. My plan this year is to organize these early ecosystems, which I expect will see explosive growth over next three years.
    • Organize Metaverse, Sustainability, ReFi, DeFi, Web3 Developer Relations and Energy ecosystems
    • Organize the first Impact Computing (Sustainability + Edge / Data Center) ecosystems on earth
    • Begin catalyzing new political structures which combine politicians, finance, legal, UBI, sustainability and more
  • 2023:
    • In 2023, the political conversation in Web3 will begin to gain steam. We will see an extremely sharp acceleration in investment in new forms of Political organization, community and financing that merge together tools and practices being developed in Web3 today. 
    • 2023 will largely be about laying extensive groundwork to prepare for the 2024 election season, which will be extremely influenced by web3 technologies 
    • I am planning to significantly accelerate work in organizing the Edge + Data Center + Sustainability conversation during 2023
    • I hope to also have an extremely robust DeFi / FinTech ecosystem at this point as well
  • 2024:
    • In 2024, I am expecting at least half of all political activity to directly involve cryptocurrencies. I believe that the innovations around using Web3 based methods (and soon to arrive, as of yet uninvented methods) will rapidly supplant the previous political process
    • I am planning to have a large and highly organize ecosystem of partners and contacts across a wide spectrum by this time in preparation for the 2024 election
    • I believe it should be possible to have a very large global “Edge + Data Center + Web3 Sustainability” ecosystem built by this time

The storyline is pretty simple here. There are going to be a lot of surprises, but I think the above will be directionally correct.

Core Activations. 

  • A Web3 based “Infrastructure In A Box” for emerging markets to create UBI and connectivity
  • ReFi Summit
  • DeFi Summit
  • Metaverse Summit
  • Citizenship Innovation Conference
  • Impact Computing Summit



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