My Work Open Source

Some objectives

Some objectives, no particular order: Become a leading expert in Cloud-Native and Edge-Native Technologies and Ecosystems Learn how to build and design micro-datacenters, MECs, Clusters Produce reference designs for all of the above Create a reference design for a decentralized internet based on cryptocurrency sharing, similar to Helium, to wire up regions of Africa not connected to the internet Become a leading expert in Edge Co-Location networks, hardware design Fix cluster experience, not quite sure…

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My Work Off Topic Open Source

Bets and Pay-Offs

Bet #1: The Convergence of Cloud-Native, Open-Source, Edge Computing, Edge-Native, Edge AI Will Be Explosive I am making a significant career investment in the idea that there will be a convergence of multiple markets in the area of Cloud-Native software migrating to the edge. In particular, edge co-locations and Open-Source software. I am focusing all of my available time and energy on gaining advanced expertise in this area, as measured by the production of high…

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Community Open Source

The Future of WebAssembly in Embedded & IoT

Had a great discussion on the topic of the future of WebAssembly for Embedded and IoT Devices featuring leading experts from IoT and TinyML. We covered topics relating to opportunities and challenges for WebAssembly for low-power IoT devices as well as the potential for WebAssembly as a “universal target” in MCUs. Thanks to everyone for participating. View Jonathan Beri’s talk on WebAssembly for Embedded here:…. Moderator and Organizer: * Rex St. John (twitter: @rexstjohn)…

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