Maybe this isn’t for you, but I think if you read what I am about to say – it might radically alter your career as a CEO of a small to medium sized, highly innovative company.

The CEO / founder is the most important person at any company. The difference between an average CEO and a truly great one is enormous. If you want to upgrade a company, and grow it by thousands of percent, chances are you need to focus on the CEO. But skills, strategies and training for CEOs is scarce. Too often, CEOs find themselves isolated and alone – with no one who can show them the key skills they must learn to achieve a personal breakthrough. The air gets thinner the higher you climb.

This is a big problem because the world of technology marketing has shifted.

Rather than having a “Marketing Department” dedicated to marketing, Visionary firms rely on their CEO as the “mouthpiece” and “face of the company.” The leverage, credibility and authenticity of the CEO becomes critical to success. In order to graduate from a “small to medium sized, highly innovative growth company,” CEO Innovators must learn to think and behave differently. And frequently, they must personally “Graduate” before their company can grow to the next level with them.

My name is Rex St. John and I have spent the last 15 years building global ecosystems at Intel, Arm and NVIDIA. During that time, I trained thousands of innovative CEOs from around the world as well as worked directly with Jensen Huang (CEO of NVIDIA). After leaving my work at NVIDIA to start my own company, Taroko Technology, I decided to start sharing my skills and expertise with a broader audience. Whether you are working on Climate Technology, Edge, IoT, Web3 or AI – I believe I can help. 

You improve yourself first. Then you improve your company. Then you improve your market. Then you win. Thats how it works. I will teach you how. It all starts with you and radiates outwards. The tools and technologies for communication, especially video and voice, mean CEOs must now learn to scale their personal credibility to new levels. And as you scale yourself, you scale your company. 

Imagine the growth you are missing if I am right.